Episode 26

Published on:

30th Apr 2024

S4 | Ep 26 | Why One of the World's Biggest Brands has a Commitment to Change and Innovation with Michelle Gansle, Chief Data, Analytics & AI Officer at McDonalds

In Episode 26, of Season 4, of Driven by Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Michelle Gansle, Chief Data, Analytics & AI Officer at McDonald's, where they discuss why, as one of the world's biggest brands, they still have a commitment to change and innovation and how Data & Analytics fuels that, which includes;

  • 3 fun facts that people don’t know about McDonald's
  • The data and analytics goals of McDonald's
  • The size and scale of the D&A capability at McDonalds
  • Defining the right operating model for such a large enterprise
  • Key D&A use cases in the fast food industry
  • Why prioritisation should be the easiest part of the job
  • Why even the biggest companies need to optimise and innovate to be successful
  • Why one of the world's biggest brands has a commitment to change
  • The tangible impact that certain innovations like drive-thru’s and delivery apps have had on their business
  • What the landscape looked like before and after the pandemic
  • Building a foresight team to predict what may happen in the future
  • The three-legged stool concept
  • Why the McDonalds culture has always been tied to innovation
  • How innovation is in service of the organisation's core business
  • Why they view their size and scale as an incomparable advantage
  • The double-edged sword of being a large business
  • Why relentless curiosity will make you successful
  • Understanding the difference between what you could do versus what you should do
  • The benefit of having a seat at the table
  • Why it’s imperative to understand what “the end” is, and why Data & Analytics is not it
  • Who really are the competitors
  • Why they’re rarely first to market but are often fast followers
  • The role that GenAI will play at McDonald's
  • The 3 horizons of Generative AI
  • How D&A was mentioned 42 times at investor meetings

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