Episode 10

Published on:

10th Jan 2023

S3 | Ep 10 | Data Transformation; Creating Scalable Change with Nirali Patel, Group VP of Data Strategy at Liberty Global

In Episode 10 of Season 3, of Driven By Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Nirali Patel, Group VP of Data Strategy at Liberty Global, where they discuss how to create change at scale to drive data transformation, which includes; 

  • The similarities/differences of operating across different sectors
  • Why data transformation is merely a part of business evolution
  • What good data transformation looks like
  • The importance of scalability with change
  • How to make wholesale change across an organisation
  • Why most organisations fail to link the want with their why
  • How to identify the why
  • The importance of understanding your organisations operational metrics
  • Understanding what “brilliant” looks like for your organisation
  • Successful case studies of scalable change
  • Why having a good personal relationship with data is imperative for transformation
  • Aligning change with business objectives
  • Why it’s often more a change of mindset and attitude towards data
  • The importance of getting out into the business to understand how things get done
  • Why POC’s don’t work
  • Why you should look at other parts of an organisation for previously successfully delivered projects to improve adoption
  • Why you should get comfortable in accepting that many won’t adopt
  • Why all parts of your business do not need to have the same level of literacy/fluency
  • The 5 questions to assess your organisations data literacy/fluency
  • The relationship between change and return on investment
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Driven by Data: The Podcast
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Orbition Group is delighted to bring you this podcast series, which is designed for Data Enthusiasts, to hear from some of the most high-profile Data, Analytics and AI thought leaders from around the globe.

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This podcast was created as a way for our industry's most respected leadership figures from across the world to give back to the Data & Analytics community, by sharing; knowledge, experiences and ideas, to inspire, innovate and provide real-life use cases on the industries most pressing topics/challenges.

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Kyle Winterbottom

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I am hugely passionate about enabling organisations to drive decisions and obtain value from the use of Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.

As such, I believe it is imperative that as a community, we share; knowledge, ideas, real-life use cases and inspiration to collectively give back to our industry.

Given my fortunate position of speaking with hundreds, if not thousands of leadership figures within the global Data & Analytics community each year , I feel it is my duty to share the successes, failures, challenges and opportunities.

Therefore, I have positioned Orbition Group to be a facilitator of that knowledge sharing, through these podcasts, events we host and public speaking.